Friday, 21 June 2013

New Novel Coming Soon



The world is cruel and life is full of bitterness and heartbreak. We will all experience loss and longing. We will all be brought to our knees by desire. Welcome to twenty years in the life of Heathcliff Hart. 

Heath has it hard from day one. Wrenched from California and sent to boarding school on the south coast of England by his parents, he soon learns quickly how to survive. His only friend is Stephen, his teacher, a man Heath will rely on more and more as he finds out that love hurts, life bruises and no one gets out alive.

Coming soon from Smashwords, Amazon and All Romance e-books.


  1. Wow,Scarlet I can't. wait for the new book LDF seems. like forever since I've been so excited Had to reread my two fav Beached Hearts and Inferno. thanks for getting your groove back.

  2. Thanks! Hope you like the new one.