Thursday, 27 June 2013

Last Drop Falls Out Now!

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  1. Oh shoot me without any money, well just have to wait until Friday it can't. come soon enough Thanks Scarlet

  2. Well it's Friday read the sample on Amazon , noticed over 700 locations downloaded the book this morning at 6:30 am got a pleasant surprise over 5000 locations.
    Scarlett, you have poured your heart out on LDF glad to see you back after hiatus. Thanks your # ONE FAN

  3. I am not on facebook, instagram twitter or any other social media so this. is my only forum. Scarlett thank you for being a great writer. I really enjoyed LDF. I can always count on you for, Romance, hot men and sadly. a death in most books just like real life. That being said what's up next. A title. or release. date will give us something to look forward to. #1fan