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New and Upcoming Books for 2012


Artist and playboy beach bum Sam's life is turned around when he meets blind Kieran and falls hard for him. Kieran is fiercely independent and doesn't need a man like Sam in his life. But Sam needs a man like Kieran and it's up to him to persuade Kieran he's worth a shot.

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A staight seasonal tale from Poppy Summers

Santa's Hot Secrets

Designs on the Boss

Genevieve has lived with a crush on her sexy boss, Michael, for two years. He’s married to his job and reclusive, and the rumours about him aren’t encouraging – asexual, gay, plain uninterested. At the Christmas party, she’s nominated to persuade him out of his office to join his employees for a drink. Tapping hesitantly at the door, what she finds behind it isn’t quite what she expected.


Just a Casual Thing

It’s just casual sex with no strings attached...or is it?
Nate and Ronan have hooked up for mind-blowing sex every Monday for the past two years, but when Nate meets Shane in a bar, he thinks he’s found ‘the one’. Shane owns a chocolate shop and loves to bring his work into his personal life, and after a night of chocolate-coated sex Nate will never forget, he decides to break off his casual arrangement with Ronan to give the relationship a chance.
There’s only one problem—Ronan is intelligent and irresistible, and he knows Nate better than anyone else. To make matters even more complicated, lately Nate can’t get enough of his kisses, whether they lead to sex or not. Can Nate figure out what—and who—he really wants, before he loses both of the men in his life?

Full release 26 November


Protecting Kayden

When falling in love with the man he’s trying to protect is taboo, what’s a desperate man supposed to do?
When narcotics detective Mason Pearce is assigned to protect federal witness Kayden Cole at a top-secret location, they are instantly drawn to each other. Shy, geeky Kayden likes birdwatching and has an unsavoury past. He’s really not Mason’s type, so Mason can’t explain why the chemistry between them soon rages out of control.
But any relationship is doomed. Kayden’s a wanted man and Mason can’t risk the witness’ life by getting close. Can they find a way to be together, despite the federal red tape and danger surrounding them?

Full release 31 December


Lonely office worker Neil finishes at work for three days. Wandering around Manchester in the last-minute Christmas crush, he spots Kai soliciting for money. After buying him a sandwich, he invites Kai home, looking for company.
Kai tells him he's doing it for the money, but the sex is great and suddenly he is in no rush to leave. Do they have a future?

Released 9th December

 Coming 7th December
Playing With the Big Boys from Storm Moon Press

Silver Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Happy holidays! Silver Publishing wants to give our fans more than 60 chances to win either a free Holiday Story from our 25 Days of Christmas Releases or for a lucky random five 20% off codes! And if you are really dedicated there is a Word Scramble included that will provide a discount for titles purchased during the last week of December!

To make it even more exciting, the authors participating may offer new and interesting content or contests of their own to help distract from the frantic pace of the holidays.

So, how does it work?

In a nutshell: Find all the snowflakes every day, email us at promotions@spsilverpublishing.com with the author name/date for each snowflake you find, check our blog daily to see if you won and then use the pertinent snowflakes to spell out an additional discount code to use at the end of the month.

Not in a nutshell: Participants go to the following blogs every day in December and find the hidden snowflakes. There will be at least two, sometimes three snowflakes to be found among the list of facebook/blogs/websites below for our authors. The snowflake will look like a variation of this:


Find them all for the maximum amount of chances to win.

Once you find the snowflake, note the letter, number or character as well as the numerical indicator (if present) on the snowflake for the scramble. The numbered snowflakes will line up to spell out your discount code.

Email us at promotions@silverpublishing.com with the name of the blog/website where the snowflakes were hidden on that date.

Important email format: Please put only the name of one author and the date in your subject line - for maximum chances to win, each snowflake/author found should be its own email for an increased daily chance to win.

If your email subject line includes the correct answer you will be entered into a random drawing to win the Christmas Release for the day you found the snowflake. There will be at least 2 winners per day; five days there will be 3 winners.

Winners will be notified in our new BLOG here: http://bit.ly/Wi7uyq = (bookmark this link so that you can check back each day.) If you are the winner for that day, email us with your email address and format desired to promotions@silverpublishing.com so that we can get your prize to you quickly.

Helpful hints: Some authors will have more than one snowflake during the event. But authors will only post one snowflake per day so search them all every day. Don’t leave any out for maximum chances to win.

Once you have found all the snowflakes, line up the letters, characters and numbers based on the numerical indicator (when present) to spell out our Holiday message and receive a discount code that will be active from Dec 25 – 31st.

Not every participating author has a Holiday release but you’ll want to collect the snowflake on their site for another chance to win the story being released that day. And…they might have one of the five valuable discount snowflakes we’ve hidden with your chance to win that day.

If the authors are running additional contests, take advantage for additional ways to win throughout the month.

Here is your list and GOOD LUCK!

Scarlet Blackwell - author of Homeless at Christmas
Link: http://bit.ly/105J6z4

NJ Neilsen - author of A Moon-Runner Christmas
Link: http://bit.ly/T8ETth

TN Tarrant - author of A Not So Straight Christmas
Link: http://on.fb.me/U72w5h

Karly Maddison - author of A Puppy for Christmas
Link: http://bit.ly/T8rHDE

Toni Griffin - author of A Very Holland Christmas
Link: http://bit.ly/QPwBXG

Cheyenne Meadows - author of Christmas with Mesa
Link: http://bit.ly/ZPfDKx

Heidi Lynn Anderson - author of Christmas Longing
Link: http://bit.ly/U0Rnkq

LM Brown - author of Someone Like You
Link: http://bit.ly/UMtXnb

Vicktor Alexander - author of Chocolate Vanilla Swirl
Link: http://bit.ly/RKyO3J

Jannie Lund - author of Clear as Glass
Link: http://bit.ly/SCpA7T

Piper Whitney - author of Fractured Heart
Link: http://bit.ly/T4jzlg

Nicole Dennis - author of 7 Days of Christmas
Link: http://bit.ly/SW7Rc6

Kim Fielding - author of Joys R Us
Link: http://bit.ly/105Kz8z

Silvia Violet - author of Needing a Little Christmas
Link: http://bit.ly/XmrQIb

Elysabeth M. VaLey - author of Punishing Santa
Link: http://bit.ly/T8ECGK

Freddy MacKay - author of Snowed
Link: http://bit.ly/UMqEfI

Annabelle Jacobs - author of Snowflakes and Strangers
Link: http://bit.ly/S23OxE/

Pelaam - author of Christmas Magic
Link: http://on.fb.me/Wjy5Lw

Rebecca Leigh - author of The Angel's Fall
Link: http://bit.ly/ZP8wBK

N Phillips - author of The Christmas Mix Up
Link: http://on.fb.me/108x33S

Grace Roselyn - author of The Treasure of Christmas
Link: http://bit.ly/QlEWCG

Ellen Heights - author of Three Men and a Christmas Goddess
Link: http://bit.ly/XokyDJ

Mathilde Watson:
Link: http://bit.ly/U73dvb

Andi Anderson
Link: http://bit.ly/QQzKGO

Lillian Frances - author of When Love Flue In
Link: http://bit.ly/T8EYNw

Azura Ice - author of Wrapped Around Your Handlebars
Link: http://bit.ly/TQx5tz

Ashlynn Monroe - author of A Most Unexpected Gift
Link: http://bit.ly/UMrwRz

SJD Peterson
Link: http://bit.ly/TKh8mv

EM Lynley
Link: http://bit.ly/QlFDMi

Gregg A. Endless
Link: http://bit.ly/SUVXPH

Elinor Gray
Link: http://bit.ly/Xmt06v

Emma Paul
Link: http://bit.ly/Jt6lLH

Caitlin Ricci
Link: http://bit.ly/T8FWt6

Vona Logan
Link: http://bit.ly/U737nB

M.A. Stacie
Link: http://bit.ly/S25gA1

Dawn H. Hawkes
Link: http://bit.ly/SUWfpG

Meredith Russell
Link: http://bit.ly/QPvCae

R.J. Scott
Link: http://bit.ly/UMshK8

Lisa Worrall
Link: http://bit.ly/RKzzKe

Link: http://bit.ly/Uyvhnv

Jessica E. Subject
Link: http://bit.ly/XQIgaW

RC Bonitz
Link: http://bit.ly/T3dRjD

Lexi Ander
Link: http://bit.ly/TQylNf

Sarah Bella
Link: http://bit.ly/Q2OBwD

William Cooper
Link: http://bit.ly/Q1QWb8

D. McEntire
Link: http://bit.ly/U0T8Ow

T. C. Archer
Link: http://bit.ly/ZPeanw

Tarah Scott
Link: http://bit.ly/S5NQ3S

The Mischief Corner
Link: http://bit.ly/WjBZnv

Lily Harlem
Link: http://bit.ly/T8sdSe

Maria MoonStar
Link: http://bit.ly/U0QJDC

S.A. Garcia
Link: http://bit.ly/Q1RgXj

Marie Ashley
Link: http://bit.ly/QlHvVl

Eve Tesoro
Link: http://bit.ly/RKyiCQ

Silver Blog
Link: http://bit.ly/Wi7uyq