Wednesday 3 April 2024

Publishing Dates 2024 and Works in Progress


19 April - Missing in Action

30 April - Anchor to the World (free story with newsletter starring Brandon and Finn)

TBC - Fallen

1 November - A Christmas Less Lonely

Works in Progress

Snowbound (working title) 28762/35000

Getting Off (Bad Cops 3) 5000/10000

Taken by the Kraken 2 2500/5000

Twelve Nights of.... short stories (working title) 71000

Sunday 31 March 2024

Missing in Action - coming 19 April - Read Chapter Two

      Read on for Chapter Two             


            Holden’s hiding from the press after his agent stole all his money.

Tyler’s just hiding from life after Afghanistan stole his leg.

There’s twenty-two years and a wealth of hurt and bitterness between them. It doesn’t stop them wanting each other.

Holden’s been leading a shadowy existence all his life and his secret is way too explosive to share with anyone. He can’t talk about the things he needs and craves on a daily basis.

Tyler’s down on his luck and battling just to stay afloat in a world of pain, flashbacks and nightmares. The two of them are worlds apart, but thrown together by circumstances that have them questioning what’s most important to them.

Themes: hurt/comfort, age gap, PTSD, disabilities

Warnings: PTSD, mental health issues, addiction, drug use, mentions of past abuse and rape, homophobia





He heard a car crunching the gravel behind him. It drew alongside him and the window buzzed down.

“Get in the car, Tyler,” Holden said with a sigh.

He drove a five-year-old red Hyundai. Tyler guessed the agent had run off with the Lamborghini too. If he hadn’t have felt so ill, he might have managed a mean smirk. “Go to hell.” Tyler carried on walking.

“Come on. Just get in. I don’t want you struggling home.”

Tyler stopped, bent, and hissed in the window. “I don’t need you to feel fucking sorry for me, thanks.”

“I’m not feeling sorry for you, I’m anticipating having to call an ambulance because you’ve collapsed in the dust and the vultures have started to eat you.”

“Fuck off!”

Still Holden crawled alongside him. “Get in the car or I’ll call the sheriff back here and tell him you tried to blackmail me.”

Tyler’s gaze shot to his. Holden’s dark eyes were calm and steady. Trustworthy eyes even though nothing so far had made him inclined to trust this man. He staggered to the car and almost fell as he grabbed the handle. Somehow he got himself in and slammed the door. Then he slumped back, eyes shut, breathing hard. The ice cold air-con was heaven. He wanted to wrench the prosthesis off and throw it from the fucking window. Maybe have Holden reverse over it a few times for good measure.

Sunday 28 January 2024

Missing in Action - Excerpt







The nightmare was the same again. The dust, the blood, the screaming. Then his own cries as he looked beyond his knee and saw nothing but torn and charred flesh. Tyler awoke with a start, dazed, sweating, disorientated. He thrashed on the bed before he took in the small bedroom, the sun streaming through the open curtains. He fell back with a gasp. The nightmares even invaded his afternoon naps now, while the flashbacks were at times near damn continuous. A sudden thud on the door sounded like a gun firing and startled him. He didn’t get visitors, who could it possibly be? He shuffled to the edge of the bed and put his feet down, relieved he’d kept his leg on to sleep. Down the short hallway, he saw a shape behind the frosted glass of the door. He only wore shorts, but he didn’t stop to pull on a T-shirt. He swung it open.

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Missing in Action Blurb - Coming in Spring

Holden’s hiding from the press after his agent stole all his money.

Tyler’s just hiding from life after Afghanistan stole his leg.

There’s twenty-two years and a wealth of hurt and bitterness between them. It doesn’t stop them from wanting each other.

Sunday 21 January 2024

2024 Writing Update - Clear Water Creek Book 4 Cover Reveal

 After a few very difficult and challenging months, I am pleased to announce that I will return in the spring to writing m/m romance as Scarlet Blackwell and gay erotica as Amber March.

My first release is likely to be the fourth book in the Clear Water Creek series and is entitled Missing in Action,

Readers of this series will know its books are my darkest to date and feature such themes as rape, domestic abuse, murder and snuff. While book 1 can possibly be read as a standalone, books 2 and 3 need to be read in order, and characters and events from book 1 are alluded to. Book 4 needs to be read after books 2 or 3 or after all 3 books for maximum enjoyment. It features returning characters Finn, Brandon, Jonah and Jordan amongst others and a brand new couple, Holden and Tyler.

Friday 8 December 2023

Short hiatus

 Thank you to all those readers who supported me in 2023 by buying or borrowing my books. I will return to publishing in Spring 2024.

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Updated release schedule

 Release schedule 2023-2024

TBC Taken by the Kraken (erotica by Amber March)

TBC Missing in Action (Clear Water Creek 4)

December 2024 A Christmas Less Lonely