Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hello! *waves* Anna Marie May here...
 Scarlet is kind enough to host me today so here it goes. I am actually starting off our blog hop called Raise Your Glasses Tour and you can find the full schedule on my blog here.
I am sure Scarlet has a post on her blog too!
We've all come together to celebrate our new releases so I guess this is my cue to start talking about my newest book, called Being Human. It is part of a series called Fallen Angels and as the name would suggest, it is about a fallen angel. I've recently held a mock interview with Kai, our fallen angel, which is hosted on my blog. You can find it here.
There will be a gift voucher at the end of the blog hop for one lucky winner - so stay tuned for more details.
I've always been fascinated by angels and even when I was little, I never thought they were blond, little cherubs with harps sitting on clouds. I've also taken a much darker view of them even before they became so popular. So I guess, it was inevitable for me to write a story about one fallen angel.